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24 Mar

Wife of 40 years Loses Appeal on Divorce of her Husband

In a decision likely to ignite strong support for divorce law reform, Tini Owens (66) has failed in her application to the Court of Appeal

20 Mar

Parenting after Parting – putting children first

Helping children deal with their emotions Aside from the legalities, logistics and practicalities of child arrangements and schedules to be agreed, one of the key

16 Feb

Great Hanne Bake-off

Hats off to Hanne & Co.’s wonderful bakers! Thank you to all the staff who dusted off their aprons and produced some beautiful and delicious

21 Dec

Hanne & Co Charity Christmas Quiz

We are delighted to say our Christmas Quiz was once again a roaring success and a fitting end to a great year of fundraising. Thanks