13 Dec

Ghosh Test for Dishonesty Reconsidered

For the last thirty-five years, the test (“the Ghosh Test”) of what is held to be dishonest has been both a subjective and an objective

13 Dec

Legal aid changes for victims of domestic violence

As it currently stands, victims of domestic violence must produce certain evidence of domestic abuse that took place within the last 5 years as one

08 Dec

Hanne & Co Charity Quiz 2017

This year, Hanne & Co’s charity quiz event was held in support of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, an amazing charity dedicated to women affected by

04 Dec

Stamp Duty – Budget changes

Following the Chancellor’s Autumn budget, from 22 November 2017 first time buyers paying £300,000 or less for a residential property will pay no Stamp Duty

03 Nov

Hanne & Co lawyers at South London Law Society Dinner

David Taylor, Lilly Pavlovic and Lorna West of Hanne & Co all attended the annual South London Law Society Dinner on 19th October. Held at