16 Aug

Making employees redundant?

Making Employees Redundant? What should you consider first by Justina Ricci, Solicitor, Employment Department E: Justina.ricci@hanne.co.uk T: 0207 228 0017 It is inevitable that in

15 Aug

I’m getting divorced – do I need to update my Will?

Getting a Divorce Do I need to update my will? by Maisie Lockyer, Solicitor, Family Department E: maisie.lockyer@hanne.co.uk T: 0207 228 0017 For most people

12 Aug

Brexit Lease Frustration

What is the doctrine of frustration? “Frustration of a contract takes place where there supervenes an event (without default of either party and for which

08 Aug

Do I need a Court order regulating finances on divorce?

Family & Divorce Law Department You are divorcing and have reached an agreement with your spouse about how your assets should be divided.  Is it