21 Oct

Small Claims in the Civil Court

Property Dispute Department The Small Claims Track was established to enable parties in a relatively straightforward low value dispute to attend court without the need

16 Oct

The difference between Freehold and Leasehold

Residential Conveyancing Department The two most common types of property tenure in the UK are Freehold and Leasehold but what are the main differences? Leasehold

09 Oct

How to buy a business- the legal process

Company and Commercial Department In this article we set out, in basic terms, the steps required to complete the purchase of a business. 1. Heads

07 Oct

A practical guide to social services involvement if your child has bruises

Child Care Department We all know that children can find many and inventive ways to get themselves covered in bruises and social services certainly don’t

26 Sep

How can I afford solicitors in a divorce?

Legal costs can be very expensive. There is of course always the option of dealing with it on your own (including representing yourself at court)