21 May

Domestic Abuse – Government Criticised for Failing Victims During Lockdown

Social distancing was implemented to save lives, but what about people for whom home is not safe? Victims of domestic abuse not only face increased

20 May

Workplace Harassment

Under the Equality Act 2010, there are three situations when workplace harassment workplace is unlawful, giving the employee or worker a right to bring claims

12 May

Virtual Charity Quiz

The Hanne & Co Charity Committee have put together a virtual quiz for colleagues. It is important to keep in touch with colleagues especially during

07 May

Redundancy and Covid-19

Many employers are carrying out reorganisation of their employees and workers due to the reduction in business activity caused by Covid 19. This may result

07 May

What is a Settlement Agreement?

Many employers are carrying out restructures of their teams and consulting with their employees and workers about terminating contracts of employment for reason of redundancy,