About Us

Hanne & Co Solicitors LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with registered number OC422012 trading as Hanne & Co. Its registered office is at The Candle Factory, 112 York Road, Battersea, London, England, SW11 3RS. A list of members (with details of each member’s professional qualification) may be inspected at the registered office or on our website. Hanne & Co Solicitors LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA 651362.

The firm’s roots are in Battersea, London (SW11) although over our long history we have maintained branch offices in Surbiton and the Temple. In 2015 we relocated to Battersea Riverside in 2 separate sites and also opened a small branch office in Dorking, Surrey. We have established client links in London but also all over the country and abroad.

Throughout the years the firm has been at the forefront of legal services provision and we have established departments in numerous legal disciplines. We place huge importance on client care and integrity. The firm has conducted a number of high profile cases, which have been reported, and we are proud to maintain our standing and reputation in the provision of legal services.

Our History


Thomas Herbert Hanne is first recorded in the Law Society’s list, practising at addresses in Clapham and Battersea in south London.


The firm’s founder Herbert Curtis Lee Hanne is admitted and joins his father to practise as Hanne & Son until 1914, and thereafter as an individual until 1933.


On the death of HCL Hanne, his articled clerk David Rapaport petitions the Law Society successfully to carry on the business of the firm although not yet qualified.


David Rapaport (1910 – 2000), now admitted, calls the firm HCL Hanne & Co. He practices at Lavender Hill SW11, Kings Avenue, SW4, and Kings Bench Walk, Temple, EC4.


Lyn Mostyn (1919 – 1999) becomes a partner conducting High Court litigation. The Temple office moves to 2 Garden Court. Lyn Mostyn stood as the Labour candidate in a north London by-election, co-wrote articles in the New Statesman with Michael Foot, subsequently leader of the Labour Party, and closely advised Barbara Castle, former Minister for Overseas Development, Transport, Employment and Health.


David O’Shea joins as an assistant solicitor specialising in crime. He leaves to join the Metropolitan Police Solicitors Department from which he retires as Chief Solicitor in 1980.


John Wood replaces David O’Shea. He leaves to join the Treasury Solicitors’ Department and is subsequently appointed the first Director of the Serious Fraud Office in 1988 and the Director of Public Prosecutions in Hong Kong.


Jeffrey Gordon replaces John Wood. In the 1960s he sets up his own practice on Lavender Hill. He is best known for inventing the McKenzie friend i.e a non-legal friend in court.


Michael Burdett joins the Temple office as prospective articled clerk to Lyn Mostyn. Michael Burdett continues to develop the reputation of the firm, later becoming a partner and then consultant.


At the Law Society’s request, Michael Burdett set up a committee to create court duty solicitors schemes in south London, extending to police station schemes from 1984.


Susan Harlow becomes a partner at the firm and heads the development of the firm’s family law department.


Michael Burdett becomes president of the South London Law Society. Mark Cardew becomes a partner at the firm in the criminal department


David Taylor joins the firm after spending 10 years as a manager of Battersea Citizens Advice Bureau and becomes a partner in 2000.


Martyn Meadows becomes the senior managing partner at the firm. Martyn is currently the head of the criminal law department at the firm having specialised exclusively in criminal law since 1978.


Having qualified at the firm in 1984, Elizabeth Francis re-joined the firm and is currently Managing Partner.


The firm consolidates from several branch offices into a sole office at Clapham Junction.


The firm celebrates its cenetary after 100 years in practice.


David Taylor becomes president of South London Law Society, a post he holds until 2006 when he becomes the South London area representative on the Law Society’s Council.


Michael Burdett receives a Lifetime Achievement award at the Legal Aid Practitioners Group Silver Jubilee.


The firm has many publicly and privately funded clients, appearing in many high profile cases. Moving away from the initials HCL, the firm becomes known as Hanne & Co, adopting a fresh and contemporary approach to the services offered.


In 2011, Lorna Cservenka won the Legal Aid Family Lawyer of the Year 2011 following a landmark case examining the reliability of DNA hair strand testing. The prestigious award was presented by Doreen Lawrence and marks the latest in a serious of remarkable achievements for our progressive family law team.


In April 2012, Claire Martin joins the Equity Partnership


In April 2014, Grainne Fahy joins the Equity Partnership


In June 2015, the Dorking office opened.


In September 2015, Hanne & Co, moved to new premises in the Candle Factory and Molasses House in Battersea


Child Care Department in Supreme Court case.