Dispute Resolution

10 Dec

How do I choose a litigation solicitor?

At a glance   A litigious dispute has arisen which involves you. The joy… You have either elected to proactively enlist the services of a

17 Nov

What you need to know about The Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill

At a glance On the 9 November 2021, the Government announced the proposed Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill, (‘the Bill’) which is set to come into

01 Mar

Private Nuisance

This article provides a brief overview of the law of private nuisance – namely what it is, who can bring a claim and the remedies

19 Jan

Debt Recovery Under Covid-19

In this time of unprecedented financial uncertainty many businesses and individuals are struggling to survive. With non-essential retail outlets shut and restaurants and venues closed

05 Oct

Disclosure in Civil Litigation – An Overview

This article provides an overview of disclosure, as it relates to Civil Litigation, with a focus on the types of documents that must be disclosed