16 Jul

McKenzie Friend: Help or Hindrance?

What is a McKenzie Friend? It is a fundamental principle in this jurisdiction that parties involved in litigation have the option to represent themselves. These

07 Jul

I’ve Received a Letter Before Action – What Do I Do?

There are a lot of businesses and individuals who will testify to having experienced the following: a normal day, going through the usual routine and

16 Jun

Elinor Feeny joins Green Phone Initiative

Hanne & Co’s Elinor Feeny, who is already a Resolution Accredited Specialist in domestic abuse cases, has joined the Green Phone Initiative which is run

15 Jun

Pensions on Divorce – Can I get a Share of My Spouse’s Pension?

CEs, DBs, DCs, AVCs, MPAA and LA, GADs and GARs, SIPPs and SSASs – pensions are a minefield! Family lawyers must grapple with pension issues

05 Jun

10,000 Steps for Justice

For the past few years Hanne & Co has participated in the London Legal Walk which is set up by the London Legal Support Trust