Wills, Probate & Trusts

13 Jun

You’ve got the Power! ….But only if you choose to use it

Wills, Probate & Trusts Department A Power of Attorney allows you, as the donor, to appoint an attorney(s) to act on your behalf when you

28 May

One Paw in the Grave

Wills, Probate & Trusts Department   The sorry tail begins…   The United Kingdom has long been a nation of animal lovers from the Queen’s

15 Mar

The Rise in Probate Fees

Wills, Probate & Trusts Department As of April 2019 the way probate fees are calculated is changing, so that for estate’s over £50,000 there will

13 Apr

Banks, Dementia and Lasting Powers

If you were up at 5.45am on Wednesday 12th April you may have heard an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live with the Head of

12 Apr

Dislike your children?

Obnoxious? Money Grubbing? Cruel? Or maybe you love them completely but think giving them lots of money is not right for them? Either way the

30 Nov

Brussels sprouts or Brussels IV – which upsets your stomach more?

As the festive period approaches the collective minds of the Private Client department here at Hanne & Co. turned to that age old question –

12 Aug

The Duke and the Taxman

With news in the last few days of the death of one of Britain’s wealthiest men, The Duke of Westminster, the media has turned its

01 Jun

Why marriage may just be the answer…..

(The use of the word married is used simply for ease – it can be used interchangeably with civil partnerships – the tax law being

09 May

The Will of the Prince

This is the story about a Prince who died leaving a huge fortune but with no spouse or children and apparently no Will. This isn’t

26 Nov

Brussels IV – Impact of New Succession Law on persons domiciled in England and Wales

European Succession Regulation No.650/2012 (known as Brussels IV) came into force on 17 August 2015 and attempts to harmonise the approach to succession across the

14 Apr

Have you heard about Discretionary Trusts?

Parents of children with learning difficulties often share one concern: How can I provide for my child come the day when I am no longer

09 Apr

The ‘Common Law Marriage’ Myth and Inheritance

With married couples now making up less than half the population and one in six of us cohabiting is it now time for the law

04 Feb

The Skeletons that belong to a King

It was to an applauding press conference that archaeologist Richard Buckley, from the University of Leicester, revealed that: “Beyond reasonable doubt it’s Richard.” Buckley was,

14 May

Wills & Probate: Digital Inheritance

Whether it be on a Amazon Kindle, iPad or iPod, the majority of Britons have avidly accumulated a collection of videos, books and photos online.

20 Jul

Challenging the Validity of a Will

Challenging the validity of a will is often very complex and many clients seek straight forward legal advice on probate practice and procedure as well

17 Jun

A Safe Place for Your Will?

In the wills, probate and trusts department at Hanne & Co, we are enjoying the latest EastEnders story line as much as you. Janine’s granny

16 Jun

Why make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

When someone loses the capacity to deal with their own affairs, it is distressing for them and those closest to them. If those closest are

27 Jan

Will Aid 2010 @ Hanne & Co

The Private Client department once again participated in the Will Aid Campaign this year, raising an amazing £3300. Will Aid is a scheme which is