Wills, Probate & Trusts

25 Mar

How a wills and probate solicitor can help you make a will

What are the different decisions surrounding making a will? It is important to make a Will because if you die without one, there are certain

28 Jan

30 Secret Royal Wills and Counting?

This week the Guardian newspaper was given permission by the Court of Appeal to challenge the decision of the president of The Family Division of

25 Nov

Holographic Wills: problems during probate

Holographic wills are a handwritten alternative to a solicitor-drafted will. Although appearing to be a cheaper option, they can often result in greater risk of

25 Jan

What Will Happen to Your Digital Assets?

Recent Law Society research has highlighted the importance of considering digital assets when preparing a Will and dealing with Inheritance Tax. The research indicated that

09 Dec

Predatory Marriage – a New Worry

With an ever-aging population come new challenges and concerns. How do we best help manage our elderly relatives’ financial affairs if they are struggling to