Contract Disputes

Thankfully the majority of contracts, whether oral or in writing, are honoured by all sides without issue. However, there are inevitably instances where contracts are broken for whatever reason and as a result, relationships between contracting parties break down.

At Hanne & Co we marry together a solid technical understanding of contract law with the pragmatism to advise you in accordance with your specific matter. We act both for claimants and defendants, businesses and individuals on breaches of contract, joint venture disputes, misrepresentation claims and more.

We encourage you to contact us at the outset of a dispute to prevent costs escalating. We will usually be able to advise you on the contractual position, discuss your intentions and work out an initial plan to try and resolve the dispute quickly if possible. Should the contractual dispute go to court, we will fight for you all the way and discuss funding options with you to ensure you can contest the litigation without fear of being out of pocket.

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