Discrimination law is now contained in the Equality Act 2010 and remains a large and complex area of law.

What is discrimination?

Discrimination in the workplace occurs when someone is treated less favourably because of their sex, race, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation. Discrimination can be direct or indirect and can also take the form of victimisation.

Victimisation happens when an employee has made a formal complaint of discrimination or made a claim of discrimination to the Employment Tribunal and is treated less favourably for doing so.

How can we help?

Discrimination law is now contained in the Equality Act 2010 and remains a large and complex area of law. Our Employment Team have a wealth of experience in this area and have advised both employees and employers on all areas of discrimination.

It is imperative that all employers, large or small, are aware of the implications of discrimination law and have systems, policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance with it. Discrimination law has become increasingly complex making good policies and procedures even more vital.

Employers should be aware that they are generally liable for the actions of their employees and should therefore have regular training for members of staff and particularly those who have management duties. Identifying problems and taking appropriate action at an early stage is important in saving costs and in maintaining good staff working relationships.

Discrimination claims against an employer can be costly to defend even where the employer is successful in defending the claim. Where an employer is found to have discriminated against an employee, Employment Tribunal awards can be significant. In addition, a finding of discrimination can cause embarrassment and could be detrimental to the reputation of a business.

We represent Employers who have received a claim from the Employment Tribunal for discrimination and offer advice and assistance in responding to a claim. In addition, we offer advice to employers who are going through a grievance procedure with an employee where discrimination has been alleged.

Our experienced team can offer advice on all aspects of employment based discrimination law from preventative measures to defending a claim in the Employment Tribunal.