Redundancy is a form of dismissal whereby an employee’s role is no longer necessary or the employer is restructuring or closing.

What is a Redundancy?

The statutory definition of Redundancy identifies three sets of circumstances:

  • Business closure (closure of the business altogether).
  • Workplace closure (closure of one of several sites, or relocation to a new site).
  • Diminished requirements of the business for employees to do work of a particular kind.

Depending on an employee’s length of service, they may be entitled to a payment when made redundant. Our Employment department can advise employees of their employment rights at the time when they are notified of their potential selection for redundancy, and can assist in obtaining statutory redundancy payments.

Hanne & Co can also provide advice as to whether the correct procedure has been followed by the employer or whether the employer has acted “fairly” in selecting the employee for redundancy. An employee may be entitled to bring an unfair dismissal claim if they have been treated unfairly.

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