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Our Notaries can help your company with all matters related to authenticating and legalising documents for worldwide use

When would your company need a Notary Public?

Companies or other commercial entities quite often need to give Powers of Attorney to persons in different countries. A Notary Public will attest the signature of the person acting on the company’s behalf.

You may also need help with other documents such as:
• Setting up foreign bank accounts
• Agency agreements
• Affidavits or taking depositions for foreign litigation
We will need to see the authority from the company, such as a Board minute, authorising such an act. We can obtain an Apostille and legalisation for you.

What is Legalisation and what is an Apostille?

Legalisation is the method used by foreign authorities to check that the Notary’s signature and seal are those of a proper and qualified Notary using the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the appropriate embassy or, for example, the Arab Chamber of Commerce.

An Apostille is simply a shortcut to this process if the country receiving the document is a signatory to the Hague Convention; in this case, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office can certify the Notary’s signature and seal (an Apostille) and so no further steps are required.

Seeing a Notary

Just call or email to ask for an appointment. You will need to come to the office with sufficient evidence of your identity – ideally a valid passport plus as authority from the company or firm (see above).

What does it cost?

We charge an hourly rate and will give you an estimate of the cost before we start work. There may be fees for third parties such as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or Embassy or another agent or courier.

How long will it take?

If the document is straightforward, already prepared and in the correct form, the meeting with the Noary should take approxiamely half an hour. If the document is more complex, or if we need to draw up the document or make a proper copy, the process will take longer.

The obtaining of an Apostille will normally take 3 days. Obtaining legislation from Embassies will vary.

Contact David Taylor on 020 7228 0017.

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