Representing Adopters

Adoption is the most final order that a court can make about the care of a child. It grants sole parental responsibility to the adopters of the child who will become his or her parents for life.

Our Approach

Adopters have to be carefully assessed by local authorities and the legal process is the final step in what has often been a long and sometimes difficult process of becoming the parent of a child.

Where a child has already been placed by a local authority with his or her prospective adopters there will usually be a placement order. Many decisions will already have been taken at that stage, when the prospective adopters will not usually have been involved. However the court must still formally consider the question of whether the birth parents agree to the adoption and whether they should have any continuing contact with the child once she or he has been adopted.

In most cases a lot of the information about the adopters is kept private even from other parties in the court proceedings. Our specialist solicitors understand the sensitivity of the case and the need to protect the confidentiality of everyone involved whilst ensuring that the court has all the information it needs to make the decision that is right for the child. Our specialist solicitors can advise you throughout the process of adoption.

Our Child Care Law team will consider with you whether you may be eligible for Legal Aid in relation to adoption proceedings. We offer competitive rates where Legal Aid is not available. Some help with legal costs may be available from the local authority.

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