Motoring Offences – Fees Structure


Legal Aid is not available for motoring offences unless the case involves really serious allegations of bad driving where a fatality or serious injuries are involved.

We have many years of experience in dealing with such matters and you can be assured that your case will receive professional high quality expertise. Be aware that much publicity is often given to the outcomes of celebrity type cases when in truth anyone should achieve a similar outcome at far less expense!! There is often no magic in these outcomes ,just through preparation and competent advice

Our People

Our team comprises our Senior Partner, Martyn Meadows, and Partner Charlotte Rowden both of whom have many years experience with motoring offences casework and undertake most of their own advocacy personally.

We also have an additional solicitor advocate, Martin Smith, who like all of us,  has many years’ experience in this area of work and criminal cases of all types from parking offences to murder.

On some occasions it may be necessary/advisable to instruct a barrister on your behalf but this would always be discussed with you and you would have a say in the choice of the individual concerned.

Our Fees

We are happy to provide limited initial advice over the telephone free of charge to help you identify what may be involved in your case and assist with your decision whether to get a lawyer involved.

If you then decide you would like us to help you then our charges are as follows:

Guilty Pleas incl Drink Drive –  £500 + VAT and travel expenses to Court

These fees assume you have entered a Guilty plea and the Court has given you a date for the hearing

This includes :

·         I hr attendance/preparation/taking instructions

·         Considering evidence

·         Advising on likely outcome

·         Representation at a single hearing at the Magistrates Court

Please note this fee does NOT include

·         Advice/attendance for Special Reasons hearing

·         Taking statements from witnesses

·         Instructing expert witnesses

·         Advice or assistance on any Appeal


Not Guilty Pleas/ Special Reasons/Totting Up

These will be primarily charged on a time basis at a cost of £200 per hour +VAT plus whatever disbursements may be incurred such as expert’s fees ,travel expenses to Court etc

All routine letters/emails/telephone calls to/from you will be charged at the rate of £20 +VAT per item

Longer letters etc will be charged for on the same time basis as above ie £200 per hr + VAT

Our services will include

·         An initial meeting taking preliminary instructions/advising on procedure and likely hours involved

·         Preparation to progress your case eg approaching witnesses  and taking statements from them as appropriate

·         Communicating with the prosecution as necessary

·         Keeping you informed of all developments and dealing with any queries you may have

·         Attending Court as necessary

·         Advising on Appeal if appropriate

PLEASE NOTE  that in accordance with standard business practice a payment on account of our costs will be required at the outset before we undertake any work on your behalf.

Contact our Criminal Law team on 020 7228 0017.