Civil Partnerships

A civil partnership is a legal relationship between two people of the same sex which can be registered. The partners have rights and responsibilities towards each other that flow from this legal relationship.

How can we help?

We advise when things go wrong with civil partnerships. We can advise and represent you in ending the legal relationship (a dissolution) and on ancillary matters such as arrangements for any children or financial claims.

The dissolution of a civil partnership is similar to the divorce process. It is usually conducted through the post. We can deal with this on your behalf at a fixed fee for a straightforward and undefended dissolution.

The court will not automatically address the financial division between partners in a dissolution. Instead it is up to one or the other to make an application to the court if agreement cannot be reached. We can advise you on your claims and negotiate a settlement on your behalf hopefully without the court ever being involved, save than to ratify any agreement reached. However some cases will of course demand urgent court action and we can represent on court applications as required.

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