Collaborative Law

This is a relatively novel method of alternative dispute resolution which was introduced to the UK by lawyers from the USA in 2003.

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative divorce is found to be the choice of couples who want a ‘good divorce’ and is essentially ‘mediation with lawyers’. The case is conducted in a series of 4 way meetings. There is no adversarial correspondence nor are there any court proceedings. Indeed, the key is that the parties sign up to not go to court. They commit to this method so much so that if it does not result in agreement they must dispense with the services of their solicitor and engage another. However rest assured that even with collaborative law any agreement is formalised and sealed by the court to give it legal effect.

How can we help?

Liz Francis at Hanne & Co is collaboratively trained and has conducted numerous collaborative cases. Liz is a member of the South West London Collaborative POD, a small group of lawyers from different firms who meet regularly to swap practice points and build good working relationships with a view to assisting couples. At Hanne & Co we are committed to training more of our family lawyers to practice this refreshing new method of resolving family disputes.