If you’re a tenant living in rented accommodation, we can help you in all areas of Housing & Property Law.

Rent Arrears

Have you received a notice of seeking possession, have a pending court hearing or are threatened with eviction / been informed that bailiffs will be attending your property?

Has this been caused by problems with your housing benefit?

We can assist at all stages of possession proceedings from initial service of the notice to the date of eviction. This involves corresponding with your landlord, liaising with Housing Benefit, making applications to court and representing you at court.


Do you have disrepair at your property that your landlord is refusing or failing to deal with?

We can assist you with this to ensure the work is carried out and that you receive the appropriate compensation. This involves us corresponding with your landlord and, if necessary, issuing proceedings at court.

You should be aware that a claim relating to disrepair will often provide you with a defence to a landlords claim for possession based on rent arrears.


Are you threatened with possession proceedings or eviction due to rent arrears or allegations of anti-social behaviour on the part of either you or family/friends who live with or visit you?

Have you been notified by your landlord or the court that you are about to be evicted? We have vast experience in making applications to court and representing tenants at court to avoid evictions going ahead.

In order to evict you your landlord must follow the correct procedure. Failure to do so is “unlawful eviction” and we would be able to take the necessary steps to deal with this for you.

Homelessness & Transfers

Are you homeless?

Have you made an application to a local authority (council)?

We have considerable experience in challenging local authority (council) decisions (where they have decided, for whatever reason, that they have no duty to provide you with housing under Housing Act 1996). They may have decided that you have made yourself homeless (known as “intentionally homeless”) or that you are not a priority.

You are entitled to challenge these decisions by way of an internal review and subsequently, if appropriate, an appeal to a county court. We can deal with this for you.

In addition, we can assist where a local authority has incorrectly failed to put you into temporary accommodation pending a decision.

Have you asked to be moved to alternative accommodation?

As everyone knows, local authority waiting lists, particularly in London, are enormous. If you have been on the waiting list or transfer list for some time and feel that the local authority is not dealing with your application correctly, we can correspond with them to clarify and try to improve your situation.

Tenancy Rights

We advise on all aspects of tenancy rights including;

  • Succession (succeeding to a tenancy on the death of the tenant)
  • Assignment (a tenancy being passed from the existing tenant to someone else)
  • Security of tenure
  • Harassment by a landlord
  • Unlawful eviction
  • Adverse possession claims
  • Judicial Review

A decision of a public body, including a local authority or a registered provider of social housing (formally known as registered social landlord/RSL), usually a decision to either take particular action or refuse to do so, can be challenged by way of judicial review by the Courts.

We have experience in dealing with these matters and can advise whether we can assist you by this route.