Enforcement of breaches of Commercial Lease Terms

A Commercial Lease will have contain terms or covenants within it setting out what each party must and must not do. These include but are not limited to:
• Paying rent and service charges
• To repair and keep in good repair the demised premises
• Not to cause damage to the property
• To hand over the property at the end of the term often in the same state of repair that the property was taken
• To use the property only for the permitted use
• Not to carry out any alterations without the prior written consent of the Freeholder
• To allow the Landlord access to the property to carry out inspections

When these terms are breached the Landlord can take steps to enforce these by several different means depending upon the nature of the breach. This can be a complex area of law and there are different remedies available from entering the property to carry the repairs to seeking damages, obtaining an Order for specific performance to forfeiture.

At Hanne & Co we can advise you and assist you with regard to the terms of the Commercial Lease, the options available and the best way in which to proceed to obtain the quickest and best outcome for you.

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