Administration of Estates

We appreciate that a death is a difficult time for friends and relatives of the deceased, and whether he or she has left a will or not, the family or executor of the estate may want help in sorting out the assets.

How can we help?

If a person has left a Will, this will set out how the estate is to be distributed, but in the absence of a Will the estate passes under the Rules of Intestacy. In the latter case the family may need assistance to understand who inherits from the estate. For example if there is a spouse or civil partner surviving, not all the estate will necessarily pass to them.

Our advice and assistance may involve applying for letters of administration, or a grant of probate, transfers of property, calling in of insurance policies, liquidation of assets, tracing of beneficiaries and negotiation with the HM Revenue & Customs. The paperwork can be very heavy and the process extremely time consuming. We are there to help and can assist you throughout all or part of the process and may be able to identify tax planning opportunities.