Disputes Over Wills & Estates

The death of a close one is immensely distressing for family and friends alike. This can be made worse by dispute over the deceased’s Will, lack of a Will, or how their assets are to be distributed.

What is a dispute?

There are a number of grounds upon which disputes over Wills occurs these include mental incapacity, undue influence, invalid execution of a Will, lack of knowledge and approval of the contents of a Will, and fraud. The distribution of the estate, be it through a Will, or the Rules of Intestacy in the absence of a Will, can also be challenged if a person was not reasonably provided for from the estate. This is limited to certain categories of persons, such as spouses, civil partners, cohabitees, children and financial dependants of the deceased depending on the circumstances.

How can we help?

We always aim to achieve settlement out of court so as to minimise the costs but where this is not possible, we are able to guide you through the complicated litigation process and offer you specialist advice. We have experience of dealing with disputes over wills arising between executors, beneficiaries and persons who expect to inherit, but do not,under either the Will or under the Rules of Intestacy.

There are strict time limits involved with contentious probate claims and therefore it is important that you seek specialist legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

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