01 Mar

Private Nuisance

This article provides a brief overview of the law of private nuisance – namely what it is, who can bring a claim and the remedies

26 Feb

When to Apply to Discharge a Care Order

Where a child has been made the subject of a Care Order at the conclusion of care proceedings, it is fair to say that many

18 Feb

Great Hanne Bake Off 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day from Hanne & Co! It is a tradition to hold an internal charity “bake off” competition. Although our judges this year were

12 Feb

The Right to Quiet Enjoyment

Victoria Copeman looks at the issues of the right to quiet enjoyment and noise nuisance in landlord/tenant and neighbour relations. During what is now the

08 Feb

Directors’ Duties – The What and The How

The Peter Parker principle from Spiderman of “with great power comes great responsibility” is rarely truer than in the context of company directors. Whilst the shareholders