26 Feb

IHT – MP’s call for the end of the 40% ‘death tax’

A new report by a cross-party group of MPs proposes that the current inheritance tax (IHT) system which levies a 40% tax duty when a

24 Feb

Care Proceedings: Do I Have a Right To Be Involved?

Where Social Services have significant concerns about a child’s welfare and take steps to issue court proceedings to determine who should care for the child

21 Feb

The Victimless Prosecution

Following the very tragic passing of celebrity personality, Caroline Flack, there has been much discussion surrounding whether the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) were right to

19 Feb

Property Deeds – What to do if they are missing

In order to prove ownership of a property in England you require the property deeds. These will allow you to approach a lender for a

18 Feb

Great Hanne & Co Bake Off – And the Winner is…

…Katherine Low Settlement! Well done to our 11 bakers who put on a fantastic display of skill in the Great Hanne & Co Bake Off

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