23 Nov

Lottery Winner Pays Ex-Wife £2 Million Settlement

It was reported on 22nd November 2010 that EuroMillions lottery winner, Nigel Page, who scooped a jackpot of £56 million earlier this year, has opted

18 Nov

Compromise Agreements Under The Equality Act 2010

There appears to be a significant flaw in the new Equality Act 2010, in particular, relating to compromise agreements. These agreements have, quite rightly, been

17 Nov

CAFCASS: Unfit For Purpose?

On 11th November 2010, Chair of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge, criticised CAFCASS, the body responsible for looking after the interests of vulnerable

16 Nov

Landmark Judgment Highlights Issues Surrounding The Use Of Alcohol Hair Strand Testing In Family Law

Judgment has been handed down in a landmark ruling of the High Court highlighting the issues surrounding the use of alcohol hair strand testing in

15 Nov

Millionaire Husband Ordered To Pay His Ex-Wife An Extra £481,000

On 4th November 2010 Judges in the Court of Appeal case of Kingdon v Kingdon dismissed Simon Kingdon’s appeal, ordering him to pay an extra