05 Aug

Divorce and Capital Gains Tax on Property Disposals

Family & Divorce Law Department The taxation implications on the division of assets between parties who are contemplating divorce is rarely their most important consideration

01 Aug

Divorce in England and Wales (with Japanese translation) イングランド・ウェールズにおける離婚

Family & Divorce Department   To obtain a divorce in England and Wales, your marriage must have “irretrievably broken down”. This must be evidenced using

11 Jul

Legal Update: Employer’s Counterclaims

Legal Update: Employer Counterclaims can continue even if employee withdraws a breach of contract claim Following the EAT case of Cortel Telecom Ltd v Shah,

28 Jun

No fault Divorce gets closer

Family & Divorce Law Department We refer to our previous blog dated Thursday, April 25th, 2019 Since then  The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill was introduced in

24 Jun

Dealing with Absent Landlords

Property Department What is an absent landlord? In cases of absent landlords, the freeholders (or landlords) are not in contact and cannot be found. This