07 Feb

Valentine’s Day Means…The Great Hanne & Co Bake Off!

February 14th! Yes, it’s that time of year again…Hanne & Co’s annual bake off ! Delectable delights hand-baked by our multi-talented staff – it’s not

03 Feb

Division of Assets in Divorce – The Dangers of the Bank of Mum and Dad

It is becoming increasingly common for family solicitors to be faced with disputes over the division of assets that include argument over whether a sum

31 Jan

Looking at Letting a Property through Airbnb? It may not be so Simple…

There have been some big changes in the last few years to the holiday/short-term let market through the rise of global home-sharing websites such as

29 Jan

Loans to family members and friends – do I need FCA authorisation?

A simple loan to a family member or friend may seem innocent enough, but these types of loans will almost certainly fall under the Consumer

22 Jan

Business Purchase or Sale – Purchase Price Structure

With a business purchase or sale, usually the most important term for the parties to agree is the purchase price. Once the headline figure is