Olympic Offences in London

Friday, August 17th, 2012

As the Olympics draw to a close, we review the measures put in place to prevent riots throughout the Summer months with a view to protecting London and the rest of the country during the Olympic games.

The Met Police have carried out one of the biggest security operations in their history combining the efforts of our Army, Navy and Air Force including members of our acclaimed special forces. The security operation, despite its initial widely publicised problems over the G4S debacle, has been hailed as a great success and Great Britain is basking in the glow of Olympic glory.

To help facilitate the high levels of security necessary, a whole new plethora of offences called Olympic offences were drawn up which merited harsher sentences for transgressors. The “swift justice” mantra was pioneered in the aftermath of the London Riots just over a year ago. The London riots in Clapham Junction caused damage running into the millions, affected many individuals and businesses in London, including this firm.

In the build up to the Olympics, there were a few notable violations of Olympic sovereignty. These have included interrupting the Olympic touch run and protests by various groups as well as strikes by certain organisations up in arms about pay, conditions and other such matters.

A case which did not get so much media attention, which may well be due to the brilliance of Team GB keeping us all glued to our seats, is that of R V Crosbie. Mr Crosbie’s obsession with some Olympians took the form of spying on the women’s Olympic swimming team as they changed at their training facility in Leeds. Unfortunately for Mr Crosbie, he was spotted and a manhunt was conducted by staff.

Mr Crosbie will be sentenced on 17th September 2012. Hanne & Co’s Criminal Team have over 100 years experience in criminal law and are able to advise on all aspects of criminal justice. During the riots, Hanne & Co’s criminal solicitors were on hand to advise those arrested and accused.

Criminal law has been at the centre of our legal practice since our early beginnings and moving forward, we remain committed to advising those accused, arrested and detained. Amongst our criminal team of solicitors are senior partner at Hanne & Co, Martyn Meadows and former senior partner as well as Lifetime Achievement Award winner Michael Burdett, both of whom are available to advise on a variety of criminal offences throughout London’s Magistrates and Crown Courts. Both solicitors are noted for their established reputations and expertise in criminal law and involvement in cases ranging from petty theft to murder.

By Trainee Solicitor Mike Herford.
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