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“May I offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your efforts over the last few years which have been difficult for me; your counsel and advice have been warmly welcomed.”



Family & Divorce Law

Catherine qualified in 2013, and has exclusively practised in the area of family law ever since. She joined the team at Hanne & Co in 2017 where her practice has thrived.

Catherine advises on a broad range of complex family law issues arising from the breakdown relationships, including matrimonial, financial, cohabitation, domestic violence and children matters.

To date, Catherine has specialised in medium-high net worth divorce and the resolution of financial disputes arising from the breakdown of a marriage, to include those with an international element. She frequently advises separated families on disputes concerning children, and has a wealth of experience of dealing with high conflict situations. Catherine provides pragmatic and tailored advice, and always remains mindful of the commercial reality for individuals in every case. She is dedicated to bringing value to clients as they move forward with their lives, while reducing cost and animosity. She has experience dealing with property claims brought by third parties and unmarried cohabitants under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996. Further, she has extensive experience advising on pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

Catherine treats all clients equally, and is often commended by clients for her warmth and conciliatory approach and has been praised for her communication skills and ability to deal with empathy, particularly in emotionally sensitive matters. She has a broad range of experience in litigation (both finance and children), offering robust advice and fiercely protecting her client’s interests. As a member of Resolution she is committed to finding a constructive and non-confrontational approach when resolving family disputes.

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