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Sue Harlow


“Thank you so much for your hard work, kindness, insight and tenacity - you truly are an asset to your profession.”



Family & Divorce Law

Sue studied law at Newcastle University and started her legal career at a city firm before joining Hanne & Co.  She became a partner in 1982 and since then has spearheaded and developed the strong and well-regarded family department at Hanne & Co. She is a member of Hanne & Co Solicitors LLP.

Sue has extensive experience, having practised family & divorce law exclusively for over 30 years. Having covered all aspects of family law during her career she now specialises in matrimonial finance and has a smaller caseload of complex children cases.

Sue has a particular interest and a breadth of experience in complex and unusual cases. Her work often involves forensic work locating undisclosed or hidden assets, third party interests and confiscation cases where she has acted for the spouse of a convicted party in a number of high profile cases in the past few years.

She has an additional interest in conflict of law cases involving the legitimacy and recognition of foreign marriages and divorces including customary marriages and Talaq divorces.

Sue is a Resolution trained mediator and has a strong belief that successful divorce settlements are those negotiated by the parties themselves with some assistance from legal experts – being most likely to lead to cohesive family relationships going forwards. Her approach is straightforward and proactive.

However there are instances where court proceedings are inevitable and Sue is a highly experienced and thorough litigator understanding that cases that are well prepared and where there is complete transparency between the parties are those most likely to result in the best outcomes for her client.

Sue is a member of the Law Society Advanced Family Law Panel and she has also worked for a period for the Legal Services Commission as a peer reviewer. She is a winner of the ‘Women in Law Award 2016’.

Sue is a training partner at Hanne & Co and enjoys the  rewards that come with recruiting and training young solicitors in family law. Outside work she enjoys spending time with her family but also skiing, scuba diving and travelling.




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Notable Cases

  • Abbassi (2006 EWCA CIV 355)
  • Yordanova v Iordanov (2013 EWCA 464)
  • Grimes (2003) 2 FLR 510