Social Media in Divorce: Keeping up with the Kardashian-Wests

Wednesday, April 13th, 2022

At a glance:

As a trainee solicitor in the Family department, one issue often raised by clients is the impact of an ex-partner’s social media activity on their relationship and separation proceedings.

The Kardashian-West divorce has been well documented online, both in the press and across social media. In a string of posts, Kanye has publically accused Kim of kidnapping their daughter, leaked what appear to be private messages from Kim, discussed her new partner Pete Davidson and encouraged his fans to scream “Kimye forever” if they see him in public.


What are the implications of using social media in divorce proceedings?

Whilst celebrities notably have a wider-reaching public platform, it is not uncommon for these same types of issues, over public grievances, and social media activity to arise during separation proceedings in connection with those who are not in the public eye.

Therefore, if you are going through a separation, it is imperative you do not discuss ex-partners and document proceedings online for several important reasons: –


Think of the children

Remember, once posted on social media anyone can see it, including older children who may have their own social media accounts. Separation, even when amicable, is hard on all involved. It can be difficult to put emotions to one side when communicating with an ex-partner and this can lead to tension and sometimes arguments. However, it is imperative to be mindful of the impact any hostility and posts can have on your children and try to limit their exposure to any such acrimony.


Think of the impact on separation proceedings

Something said in the heat of the moment, can have long-term negative implications, and thus, ultimately do more harm than good. It is not uncommon for screenshots of social media posts to be attached to statements in court proceedings. Family law proceedings are private. If you wouldn’t say it to a court, then don’t ever put it in writing, especially in the public domain. Not only can this be embarrassing for all parties involved, but it can also cause the court to form a view of you and how you deal with matters. Therefore, it’s important to always think twice before posting about ex-partners and separation proceedings, you may regret it in the future.


Think of your best interests

It is always in everyone’s best interest to keep matters as amicable as possible. Acrimony can only result in more stressful, prolonged, and costly court proceedings. As well as this, when posting online, it is not helpful to have the opinions of others on your personal circumstances. Whilst you may not have the platform and audience that Kanye West does; do you really want everyone to read about the very personal and difficult time you are experiencing?


How can we help?

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